Canada For Students

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Why choose Canada?

Over the past few decades, Canada has seen a constant rise in the influx of the student community. Work permits during the course of study, and Post-Graduation Work Permits are few of the distinctive points to make Canada so lucrative in the student community. Canada places utmost importance in education, whilst maintaining high standards in education. Degrees secured from Canadian universities are recognised globally and hold a high value in the international job market. Canada is renowned for their research intensive universities, ranking Canada 4 th in the world for scientific research. Business studies hold an equally respectable position in the education list of Canada boasting over 14,000 prospective business students in the country. Serving quality education, Canada allows students to do so while being affordable at the same time in terms of housing and education. Compared to neighbouring countries, the cost of studying is substantially lesser. The mass number of international students goes on to strengthen the foundation, with over 2,65,000 International Students Canada deems to be one of the most student friendly countries in the world. Many scholarships available adds more incentive to prefer Canada as their ideal educational destination. In conclusion, Canada is an international leader in computer and information technology and has a reputation for excellence in areas such as telecommunications, animation, transportation and engineering; And in particular, aerospace, urban transport, microelectronics, medical equipment, advanced software, hydroelectricity and nuclear power, laser and opto-electronics, biotechnology, etc. Canada was the first in the world to recognise the need to connect Internet and libraries to the internet, and its SchoolNet program is being copied worldwide. All kinds of modern facilities are provided and most campuses are wired with the most sophisticated technologies the world has to offer. These aspects future proof the students and make them ready for the new life.

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